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Characterized by its massive black wall facade, this house is unique in many ways. The entrance goes straight to the second floor, welcomed by the grand living room, together with bedrooms and the loft space. You can access the dining, kitchen and guest room located at the ground floor by going through another stairs at the back. The 2-car garage can be accessed exclusively by the owners and is directly linked to dining and kitchen at the ground floor, which is not your typical plan.

Inspired by the Park House in the movie Parasite, the design challenge is how make the idea work on a flat terrain. Another special feature of this building is its high-ceiling and spacious living room at the 2nd floor. One of our biggest living room so far. It occupies around 25% of the entire floor area.


Lot Area: 381 sqm.

Floor Area: 350 sqm.

Bedrooms: 4

(including loft)

Bathrooms: 3


Gelo Honorica




Design and Build

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